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Life Insurance 101

Ellie Talks Money
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Hey Entrepreneur! 

As your business coach, I am here to teach you how to start and scale that business to create wealth AND how to protect that wealth!

I am also a life insurance broker and that is why I am teaching you all about how to get life insurance policies to use to build wealth.

In this course, I will be teaching you all about Life Insurance and how to use it to build Generational Wealth for your family.

Life insurance is often referred to as one of the best-kept secrets of the wealthy and upper class in America. That is because Life Insurance has amazing cash value, savings, and tax-free wealth benefits. 

I have been a licensed insurance agent and broker for the last 5 years and I've realized that it's time for my own community to learn how and why they should get life insurance policies.

We must insure ourselves so that we can pass down a legacy of wealth and not a debt to our families!

In this course, you'll learn:

- The different types of life insurance policies

- Whole Life Vs. Term Life

- Policies that Build Cash Value

- How to Use Life Insurance as Collateral

- How to Use Life Insurance to Transfer Wealth

- Wills & Trusts & How to Create Your Own

- How to Get Your Own Life Insurance Policy

and so much more. 

I am so grateful to share this education with you all and to offer my services and help you all get your own life insurance policies.

Please email with any and all questions. 

Due to the digital nature of this product and you have lifetime access to it, all sales are final. There are no exchanges or refunds allowed at any time.

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Life Insurance 101

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