Instagram Money Bundle

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This is the bundle you've been waiting for. 

If you're trying to:

✔- build a following on Instagram

✔- grow your brand and business

✔- start affiliate marketing

✔- turn your followers into customers

✔- drive traffic to your website

✔- get more engagement on your page

And none of it is working... 😒 Then you need this course.

👉🏽The number one reason that you are not succeeding in any of the things on this list is because you don't have a content strategy, you don't have a clear brand identity, and you're not marketing correctly. 

That's why I created this bundle.

🎁This bundle includes my two most popular courses: 

1. Ultimate Guide to Monetizing your InstaBrand

2. Affiliate Marketing Secrets

In both of these courses I teach you how to:

✔- identify your niche and target audience

✔- create your why statement and clarify your brand identity 

✔- grow your IG by 1000 followers in 30 days 

✔- create great content that attracts your ideal audience and gets them to buy

✔- make $500 a week (minimum) on IG

✔- choose affiliate products that align with your brand and sell consistently

✔- so much more! 

🎁In the bundle you'll get:

👉🏽- The Ultimate Guide to Monetizing your Insta-Brand Course + 1 Hour Webinar

👉🏽- Affiliate Marketing Secrets Course + 45 Minute Webinar

👉🏽- Niche and Target Audience Workbook (20 pages)

👉🏽- Affiliate Marketing Playbook (10 pages)

👉🏽- BONUS: List of 25 Digital Side Hustles you can start today.

ALL of this for just $40. These courses are individually $40 each so you're saving 50% by bundling. 

Grab your bundle today and start making money on IG immediately!

This product is not currently for sale.

🎁This bundle includes my two most popular courses: 1. Ultimate Guide to Monetizing your InstaBrand 2. Affiliate Marketing Secrets. You'll learn everything you need to start building a following on IG and making sales.


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Instagram Money Bundle

93 ratings